“I have always received inspiration through books and the words, wisdom and experience of others. I wrote these books with the hope that it will inspire each woman to embrace her own unique power to create the life of her dreams!” ~ Regina

Unlock Your Power: Inspiration for Women and Journal – By Regina Essel

From the first chapter, Unlock Your Power: Inspiration for Women & Journal, will motivate you to embrace your God given power and start living a happy, successful and purposeful life.  This compact combination book and journal has 52 sets of inspirational passages, affirmations, and scriptures, followed by space for you to write out your thoughts and map out a plan. You will be encouraged to live each day fearlessly, with joy and excitement! (READ MORE)

Unlock Your Power: Inspiration for Women (Kindle Edition) – By Regina Essel

The 52 SETS of inspirational PASSAGES relate to life issues you may be facing; short AFFIRMATIONS to help you clarify your purpose, and SCRIPTURES to reinforce the point that God has your back and He is with you each and every step of the way. Read “Unlock Your Power” and make your life all it can be and MORE! (READ MORE)

EMBRACE TODAY: Powerful Strategies for Living Your Best Life (Kindle Edition) – By Regina Essel

Just as the seasons change, our lives are in constant change, and it can take some dramatic twists and unexpected turns. What does not change is this truth; you have power over your life and your destiny.  Anyone out there who believes they have no power over their destiny is mistaken. You have all the power. You may not have recognized it; you may not have used it; you may have given your power to someone else; but, it is always present, inside, waiting for you to claim it. (READ  MORE)